Citroen returning to visionary roots goes off the trail in terms of marketing too image

PSA’s Citroen brand has been known for years as an innovator and as a home for quirky models, but it has now decided to return to those roots following a stint that almost took the entire group to bankruptcy.

The automaker has already been highly successful in selling the Citroen C4 Cactus, an off the beat crossover that puts a spin on the now rather traditional new segment. And it has decided to try and take things even further with the recently unveiled Cactus M concept car that tries to rekindle a link to the past and act as a spiritual successor to the famous Mehari. The brand is also trying a new tactic in terms of marketing, by allowing potential customers to have a go at the wheel of the concept and even sleep in the vehicle, which has a built-in tent. The French automaker has not yet decided if the concept would turn into a real life model, with the Cactus M recently introduced during the Frankfurt motor show in September. Now those who participated and won an online competition will get the chance to test drive the concept and even spend the night in its integrated tent as part of a “beach weekend” event.

Citroen, which pointed out the striking Hawaii Blue concept was “inspired by the surfing spirit” has decided to introduce the web competition across seven of its crucial European markets – such as France, Germany, the UK, Italy and Spain. The concept, which essentially has all the features of a “beach buggy”, has a washable cabin and rear seats that can be turned into a bed – with the car also being equipped with an inflatable tent, “extending the outdoor experience” for two persons.

Via Automotive News Europe