Citroen – safety features details. image

Citroen explained how works its safety systems, who are available on the current range.

Citroën Emergency.
Available on a 24/7 basis in eight European countries, Citroën Emergency puts the vehicle occupants in touch with a dedicated help desk.
The service is designed to cope with all types of emergency (witness or victim of an assault or accident). This call can be made automatically, in the event of impact, or manually, by pressing and holding down the “SOS” button.  If the driver is unable to explain exactly what is required, the vehicle is identified and located using the GPS and the emergency teams are sent out immediately, thus saving precious minutes. This service is available on many vehicles in the range: C4, C4 Picasso, Grand C4 Picasso, C-Crosser, C5, C6, C8 and Jumpy.
Lane Departure Warning System (LDWS).
This driving aid aims to prevent drowsiness at the wheel. When activated, the LDWS detects any lane changes not signalled by the indicator, on  motorways or fast roads at speeds of over 80 kph.  The driver is alerted by a vibrating mechanism mounted in the car seat on the side corresponding to the direction of vehicle drift, and can steer the car back on course. This system is available on the C4, C4 Picasso, Grand C4 Picasso, C5 and C6.
Multifunctional fixed-centred controls steering wheel.
Standard on the C4, C4 Picasso, Grand C4 Picasso and C5, this steering wheel groups the essential driving functions. The fixed central hub houses a driver airbag designed always to deploy at the right angle for enhanced driver protection.
The active bonnet system.
This system, available on the C6, considerably improves pedestrian protection. As a rule, the powertrain takes up considerable space in the engine compartment, leaving little room between the engine and the bonnet. With the active bonnet system, based on an impact sensor and pyrotechnic mechanism, the bonnet rises 65 mm in 40 milliseconds. A second mechanism maintains the bonnet in its raised position despite the impact and thus absorbs impact energy.
Citroën also supplies a range of accessories that enhance the safety of motorists. It recently launched a safety kit, made up of a reflective vest, a warning triangle and also an electronic breath test, since drink-driving was once more the main cause of accidents in 2006.