Citroen should bring the DS 6WR to Europe image

The French automaker just unveiled its latest premium model from the DS range at the 2014 Auto China show – with the 6WR being the first SUV model of the sub-brand.

And, because it was unveiled in the Asian country, the carmaker’s officials were asked about availability – with the company saying the car is – for the moment at least – only devoted to the Chinese market.

The DS 6WR is the production version of the striking Wild Rubis concept – and while its stile won’t make everyone happy, it’s at least fresh, assertive and unconventional. And while locally assembled in China and sold there before the year’s end, it’s really strange that Citroen seems reluctant to introduce the model on other markets too.

With dimensions that also make it fit for European roads and cities – it looks big but it’s really only 4.55 meters long, 1.86 meters wide and 1.61 meters tall, with a big 2.73-meter wheelbase – the DS 6WR would easily become very easy to notice among the multitude of SUVs in the segment offered on the Old Continent.

And, if PSA fears the very unconventional design won’t attract buyers, it should simply take a look at Nissan’s Juke – it’s not only successful, it also opened a spree of small crossovers.

Besides, the European No.2 automaker really needs a competitive SUV – it’s a segment that still grows even in Europe and as the sales bounce back it’s sure to grow heavily in the near future. Also, the PSA group really hasn’t made a fortune from the Mitsubishi sourced SUV designs – the C4 Aircross or the Peugeot 4008 are not exactly sales wonders.

At the moment, rumors say the DS 6 WR is not scheduled for Europe because it lacks a good diesel engine – a feat easy to rectify though – and because it needs many technical improvements before it could comply with EU’s tougher safety regulations.