Citroen to introduce a new suspension system in 2017 image

The innovative and comfy hydropneumatic suspension will be replaced by a new “revolutionary” set-up in 2017, according to Citroen boss.

The French automakers introduced the famous hydropneumatic suspension system 70 years ago, and has been fitted into the high-spec Citroen models since then, as a proof of its efficiency. Customers have been in love with this type of hydraulic-air system, that has offered high levels of comfort and a ride smooth as butter. Many were disappointed when Citroen announced this year it would not continue to develop this “old” technology. But a new one is coming in 2017, and it is “revolutionary”, says company’s CEO Linda Jackson with claims that the new system is also focusing on ride comfort without compromising the dynamics of the cars. “Comfort is a core value of the Citroen brand, and this is our way to recreate the benefits of the hydropneumatic set-up in a more modern, more appropriate way,” said Jackson.

No further details about the specifics of the upcoming “revolutionary” set-up were given by the CEO, but she said Citroen has been developing the new suspension for some time and the engineers have been working closely with a supplier. Jackson also revealed the technology would be fitted in Citroen cars only. “I can guarantee it will be unique to Citroen,” she said. “We have the opportunity to pick new technologies for the future and I am sure this one is best suited to Citroen’s core values. I believe I can promise you this will be a Citroen-only system.” If this new suspension is only available for Citroen, the DS up-market division is not benefiting from it, although, head of DS brand Yves Bonnefont previously saying that his firm was investigating a similar suspension system.

Via Autocar