Citroen to launch new models for China image

The French carmaker is planning to launch a series of new car models to compensate for a sales plunge that seems to lie ahead of PSA/ Peugeot-Citroen, which managed to recover from near bankruptcy last year.

The announcement was made by Citroen’s CEO, Linda Jackson, who has added that she is set to increase Citroen’s sales in the Chinese market despite its current economic status in the auto field. Over the following two years, the French car manufacturer will launch two new models, which, according to Jackson “will be volume models. I’m not doing a niche strategy.”

Citroen seems to bring negative light on PSA’s rebound with its sales declining significantly as PSA’s profits went up the first half of 2015, a year after Carlos Tavares became the group’s CEO.

Peugeot models grew 3.9% in sales up until June, but Citroen’s new registrations decreased 2.7% in the same amount of time.

Even if demand from China has decreased and the stock market crashed, Jackson still hopes to see a small increase in the Citroen car sales, up to 333,000 models this year. She stated that ““I’m not sure what’s going to happen in China, given the last couple of days. We’re hoping it settles down.”

The carmaker is famous for taking risks with its models, rather than acclaiming a clear position on the market. There are only a few carmakers which produced cars as eccentric and different as Citroen did with its DS and 2CV between 1955 and 1975.

For the past decade, Citroen targeted the upmarket clients with its C5 sedan models and its DS range. However, in 2014, DS became a distinct sub brand, and a replacement for the C5 model was ruled out. Moreover, in 2012 the production of the larger C6 model was cancelled.

With a big challenge on its hands, Citroen has to find its spot in the mass market, which would come from a success in sales for every model put out there as the brand’s lineup has been cut in half.