Showcased for the first time officially back late 2007, the Citroen C5 is certainly one of the oldest cars that can be acquired new on the European market – but that comes to an end now.

With almost a decade of life behind it, the midsize French vehicle is being retired now, as the last unit came out the production line at PSA’s factory in Rennes, France. This isn’t exactly a surprise – even though we know the C5 in Europe is not getting a direct successor – but the retirement also marks a more important move. At least for the time being this is the last car equipped with Citroen’s well known hydropneumatic suspension. We had known that since 2015 actually, when the automaker said it will discard it in favor of something new due to high costs and low demand.

The final C5 produced in Europe is a practical station wagon – the sedan is no more since 2016 and while this is the last of the model on the Old Continent, Citroen will continue production of an evolutionary version in China. There the car has a modified exterior styling, completely new interior and standard suspension on all versions, where it’s also offered as a sedan, because the Chinese customers still love this body type amidst all the crossover hype.



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