Clarkson, Hammond and May are on set for The Grand Tour image

The first shots with The Grand Tour’s travelling studio/ bivouac have been released via Twitter, as the crew wrapped the first filming session in Johannesburg, South Africa.

As far as we can see, the endeavor is quite a handful, with a big and elaborate construction that has enough space for the audience of a few hundreds and even a stage. In turn, the decoration looks incredibly retro – as if a 19th Century explorer decided to tag along and work as the interior designer. Of course the three presenters decided to take it to social media for their first day, Hammond starting with “So, today we opened our new office. In South Africa this week. Next week…?” and Jeremy Clarkson going I loved today,” and “Some people came to see out first ever Grand Tour show today. God I love Johannesburg.” Captain Slow, May was a little tempered and went with “I’m sorry, I forgot to wave.”

The audience has been allowed to tweet on the hashtag #TheGrandTourJoburg prior to filming, but once the studio shoots wrapped nobody spilled the beans about what went down in there. We can imagine that’s because the people that attended had a non-disclosure agreement, with substantial penalties if they spoiled anything. Next studio session will happen in the United States, United Kingdom and Germany. We don’t know yet if every episode will happen in a different location or if the season takes place in just one setting. Amazon has so far opted for 36 episodes, in three batches of 12.