Clarkson, Hammond and May take the company runabout concept to extreme image

We all know the three superstar hosts have foregone the BBC Top Gear show and they’re now preparing for an equally entertaining series on Amazon Prime – but we didn’t know what cars they would use as company runabouts.

And because we’re talking about Clarkson, Hammond and May we’re not treated to ordinary company runabouts – we’re actually treated to less than ordinary company runabouts – and we mean that literally. While we are already pretty sure (around 110 percent) the show will feature a Holy Grail hypercar comparison between the Porsche 918 Spyder, the McLaren P1 and Ferrari LaFerrari – we also recently found out courtesy of Clarkson’s Twitter account they also bought a trio of Reliant Robin 3-wheelers. You may not know your British automotive history – but here’s the brief – these small cars are some of the most awful wheeled contraptions that ever made the light of day in the United Kingdom. They have a single wheel at the front so every time the driver takes a turn he also needs to gamble if the British vehicle will tip on the side.

And the Reliant Robin has been “thrilling” the show hosts for some time now thanks to appearances on Top Gear – one was made into a space shuttle, others were used for car football… but also of notice is the fact that while it’s utter garbage, this is the second most popular fiberglass car in passenger vehicle transportation so far. We’re naturally expecting some outlandish experience with the trio of Robins when the episode featuring them premieres.