Clarkson says Argentina issue was a political conspiracy image

Jeremy Clarkson has recently responded to some accusations on the incident in Argentina as he said this is nothing more than a political conspiracy.

The famous Top Gear host thinks that the license plate fitted to his Porsche which was driven in Argentina (H982 FKL) has nothing to do with the Falklands war and it is nothing more than a political conspiracy. You can read his opinion on the incident on the Sunday Times (subscription required).

Top Gear has been trying to film this year’s Christmas Special in South America. The whole crew was in Argentina with Clarkson driving the Porsche 928, with the registration plate H982 FKL, and his colleagues were driving a Mach 1 Ford Mustang and a Lotus Esprit. People became angry at the crew after seeing Clarkson’s registration plate, which they said it was making fun of the Falkland Islands war. The three hosts have been attacked and fled the scene, being escorted to the airport. They have left Argentina for Chile where filming apparently continued. You can read about the whole Falkland incident here.