Classic glass side mirrors to be replaced soon by high-def cameras image

Even if the proposal and the technology is not a new one, worldwide regulators are now ready to give green light to the automakers to replace the classical sideview mirrors with video cameras.

If so far regulators have not been so keen on approving such a move because of safety concerns, the technological rush has brought such improvements that sideview cameras are now seen to offer a better visibility and they can easily replace glass mirrors. While it may take some time to get used to looking into a display on board instead of taking a glimpse sideways, high-definition cameras and video screens can offer a much wider view of field and thus cutting blind spots, while also boosting visibility under low light conditions. Furthermore, a mirrorless car is lighter and it can get a better aerodynamic coefficient and consequently improving fuel efficiency.

Automotive News reports that Japanese authorities revised the rules last month to allow automakers to replace the classical glass mirrors with cameras, thus marking the first country that made such a step. However, other markets are said to follow. An important step into this direction was made last year, when the United Nations’ World Forum for Harmonization of Vehicle Regulations approved the use of cameras that meet certain specifications in place of mirrors. The European Union is expected to make similar regulatory reviews this year. The United States is also evaluating the proposal so that it could be implemented in 2018, while China is seen to adopt the idea in the coming years.

Via Automotive News