This bespoke 1967’ Mustang has been through lots of hoops – it needed a 14-month build process to gain a new lease of life and was almost ditched by the owner because the hue wasn’t satisfactory.

Jason Engel, owner and founder of Oklahoma-based Classic Recreations, had been sending different purple color swatches to the car’s owner, but none of those was close to his vision. In order to come up with a last minute solution he decided to have two colors mixed together – but then again the client changed his mind and actually went for the first proposed solution – CR Blurple, a crazy color that Engel comments it’s almost blue in certain lighting situations. When thinking about the trials and tribulations of the car, bear in mind the buyer is a Sheikh from the Middle East who wants to remain anonymous – most likely because he changed is mind more often than Britney Spears.

Classic Recreations Shelby GT500CR is packing Blurple hue 6

Anyways, the end result is truly unique – the hue is incredible and the Mustang is among the latest recreations from Classic, with the company selecting an abandoned Mustang and refitting it with modern parts. The result is called the GT500CR 900S. The shell was a 1967 Mustang in a very bad condition, though Engel admitted he prefers this scenario – so he can rebuild as much as the car as possible to better-than-new condition. The specific model packs a 7.0-liter Ford Performance V8 supercharged now capable of 770 horsepower, with a carbon-fiber driveshaft, Wildwood six-piston brakes and a customized suspension with QA1 coilovers in front and Varishock units in rear.


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