Classics – 1972 Toyota Crown gets new life image

While many of us in Europe or the US have no idea what the Toyota Crown 2600 De Luxe is, we can enrich your auto culture by telling you the Crown nameplate is actually the longest running in the Toyota family.

This particular 1972 Toyota Crown 2600 De Luxe is part of a very rare breed on the Old Continent, specifically in the United Kingdom – the Japanese automaker stopped exporting the cars to the US in 1974 and a few years later as well in the UK. But having been around since 1955 and still on sale on the home market today brings us to a rare and interesting classic sighting. For example, you can have some Crown flair outside of Japan in the Lexus GS series.

Classics – 1972 Toyota Crown gets new life 3

Anyways, the fourth-generation Crown was back when it was new a car that was ahead of its time. It had things such as an electronically controlled automatic transmission and anti-lock brakes, as well as integrated front and rear bumpers – a styling trend that only became mainstream years later. Unfortunately for Toyota – things were too much for many – and sales were low in the UK and disastrous in the US. This is in part why this example of the Crown 2600 De Luxe series might be one of only two still roadworthy in the UK, according to the manufacturer. It was acquired back in 1972 as a new car for a mere £2,303 – packs a 2.6-liter inline six delivering 140 horsepower, and covered a mere 60,000 miles.