DP Motorsport, an aftermarket specialist unlike others, has decided that modern cars are so yesterday – and went for a tuning project on a 1974 Porsche 911.

Taking a classic 911 up to spec is no easy task (read cheap, just look at Singer), but the project looks almost flawless from where we stand. As it turns out, almost the entirety of the car has been transformed, with the company talking about around 1,000 changes. It’s now called the “911 RS 3.5 Evolution,” and this transformed classic car has a bespoke body made from a combination of carbon fiber and glass fiber reinforced plastic (GFRP). Lightweight desires led to hardened plexiglass for the door windows and to a carbon fiber 80-liter fuel tank – this 911 tips the scales at a mere 2,072 pounds (940 kilograms, dry), also thanks to the lightweight motorsport-spec battery.

Classics – 1974 Porsche 911 meets the aftermarket scene 5

What’s unseen is the H&R suspension kit, the brake system from a Turbo 3.3 model – and we also get period-correct 15-inch Fuchs wheels with semi-slick Michelin tires good for 225/55/15 at the front axle and 335/35-15 at the back. Power reaches 365 horsepower (268 kilowatts) thanks to the 3.5-liter engine’s dual ignition system, a mechanical fuel injection with individual throttle valves, and 911 RSR-sourced camshafts. DP Motorsport opted for a spartan interior with a Momo steering wheel and a pair of body-hugging seats, a red roll cage and four-point harnesses, all to make sure you can it the track in perfect safety.


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