Nothing gets you through the day better – especially on a Monday – like dreaming about owning a very interesting car. And sometimes getting an “oldie” is a complete perk on its own.

Looking to buy a 1979 Mercedes-Benz 450SL – you have some very nice options on the Internet. But getting something as sexy as this shooting brake version of the 1979 450SL is not coming out every day. This is mostly because Mercedes never delivered such a model – so this example is a prime example of coachbuilding. This epic one-off came to life from the hands of the current owner – whom had 40 years of cutting, welding and painting experience. So, after getting the 450SL in 2011 from an import mechanic who owned and maintained it since 2003, the fabrication began.

Classics – 1979 Mercedes 450SL Shooting Brake will make your day 2

The customization process took no less than two years, and everything on it reads the word… custom. From roof to inner quarter panels, to fuel tank to the rear glass or rear floor, everything was fabricated and adapted. Other custom perks include leather seats from a Lexus, a Nardi steering wheel, Euro headlights with driving lamps on the bumper, bespoke paint and 18-inch wheels. The car looks in good shape, but there are issues – air conditioning, radio, and cruise control are non-operative, the EGR system was bypassed by the previous owner, and has amassed 143,000 miles.


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