Classics – 1980s is back with the Porsche 911 Supersports image

Two great looking Porsche 911s from the wild decade of the 1980s are hitting the road again – one in an immaculate white coupe form and the other in a smoking hot red Cabriolet attire.

The 1980s Porsche 911 3.2 Carrera signaled the return to fame of the iconic sports car after being almost dead during the 1970s, back when Porsche thought the 928 was the way forward. The 3.2 Carrera was a peach to drive especially with later guises that brought the G50 manual gearbox, and they performed even better than the monster Turbo flagship. And many people wanted this, but also loved the 930 Turbo’s wider wheel arches, iconic whale tail, as well as better suspension and brakes. So Porsche listened to popular demand and introduced the 911 Supersport.

Classics – 1980s is back with the Porsche 911 Supersports 6

Produced between 1984 and 1989, as Coupe, Cabriolet, and Targa models, this was the first Porsche wide body kit without the Turbo named attached to it. North London’s Hexagon Classics is now offering not one, but two chances at 1980s greatness. These immaculate examples are of course costly as hell – white 23,750-mile Coupe goes for £139,995 and the red 27,490-mile Cabriolet is £124,995. Both have the prerequisite 231 horsepower 3.2-litre flat-six engine, which was back then enough for less than six seconds to 60 mph (96 kph) and a maximum speed of 152 mph (244 kph).