Set to be auctioned by Silverstone Auctions, this very rare Porsche 911 Leichtbau will have a new owner next month – if the purse of £575,000 is not weighing too heavy.

Porsche has a knack of turning its various 911 versions into incredible classics – the company produced a mere 86 units of the 964 Turbo S, nicknamed “Leichtbau” — or “Lightweight” — thanks to a huge 180-kg (397-lbs) weight drop compared to the standard 911 Turbo. There’s no soundproofing, no rear seats, aluminum doors and even carbon fiber – incredible for the ‘90s on a road car. But as extreme as the Leichtbau was at the time, this particular unit is even more special because of the peculiar C99 country code, as well as quirky triple-tone seats and a matching steering wheel.

Classics – 1992 Porsche 911 Leichtbau going under the hammer 9

“The Leichtbau is one of the most exciting 911s available with unique rarity and stunning looks,” explains Silverstone Auctions classic car specialist, Harry Whale. “Being 40 mm lower, 180 kg lighter and with an additional 61 hp, the Leichtbau is uber-powerful and a very exciting proposition for Porsche enthusiasts.” The car is actually a left-hand-drive model that first arrived in the UK in 2014 and has a Porsche Certificate of Authenticity to warrant the limited-edition status. It also carries just 68,868 km (42,792 miles) on the odometer so it’s generally in good shape.


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