Classics – Aston Martin DB5 owned by royalty now up for grabs image

It’s a rare sight to behold – an Aston Martin DB5 has come up for sale – and might very well but the cleanest such example in the world, not to mention it once belonged to the “Prince of Persia”.

No, it did not appear in the famous game, it was actually owned by a Persian Prince – and now this very rare Aston Martin DB5 is coming out for interested parties at the hugely cool £799,995 asking price. Hexagon Classics in North London owns it and the DB5 is even finished in an equally rare Goodwood Green shade – while the aforementioned Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan owned back in 1986. He acquired the example for personal use in Switzerland, after a full restoration, and parted ways back in 1998 when a Geneva resident bought it – Hexagon bought it in 2015.

Classics – Aston Martin DB5 owned by royalty now up for grabs 3

The dealer has again taken the car through the full restoration process, including an original paint Goodwood Green, alongside an interior re-trim in factory Connolly leather. A set of new period-correct beige Wilton carpets were added for further detailing. Aston Martin specialist Pugsley and Lewis has catered for the DB5’s 4.0-litre straight-six engine, and can now operate on unleaded fuel – and further touches include the new 15-inch chrome wire wheels and Avon Radial tires.