Automotive history has a way of presenting its quirkiness – most of us may have never known about the association between Chrysler and Italian design firm Ghia if it weren’t for this spectacular Special Coupe.

Even back in the 1950s you wouldn’t have called a partnership between Chrysler and Ghia as something likely to occur – but the two companies did develop jointly the 1950 Plymouth XX-500, as well as other interesting concept and production vehicles in the years to follow. A prime example would be this gorgeous 1953 Chrysler Ghia Special Coupe, of which just 18 units were manufactured between 1951 and 1953, using a New Yorker Deluxe chassis as the base. This classic was sold new in France to collector, Le Mans racer, and Chrysler’s French importer, Leon Coulibeuf – but has now turned up for sale in St. Louis, Missouri, with a huge asking price of $575,000.

Classics – Astonishing Chrysler Ghia is fully restored and one of 18 10

The vintage model has a spectacular two-tone blue paint, with white details and lots of chrome all around, with the full restoration having been completed in 2001. It even has a set of period-correct chrome wire wheels with wide white-wall tires. The cabin gets a matching blue-over-blue vinyl appearance with white piping, and has original features such as the clock, radio, steering wheel, and even a cigarette lighter. Under the bonnet resides a 331 FirePower Hemi V8 that was delivering 180 horsepower when new, linked to a semiautomatic Fluid Torque Drive four-speed transmission.

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