The Jaguar XJ flagship might be a hulking sedan today in iterations such as the XJR575, but you certainly can’t say it evokes the same elegant spirit as the original, especially in the more exotic XJ Coupe build.

The XJ Series I was unveiled back in 1968, and comes with the panache of being one of the most recognizable British sedans ever – but true fans will try to hunt down the two-door XJ Coupe that was first seen in 1973 and only manufactured in an exclusive series of 10,487 units. Now a pristine unit is certainly hard to find, which is why we’re happy to report on the Poland-based Carlex Design decision to keep the original’s spirit alive. Their example comes from 1977 and has been tastefully restored and reimagined – with a ruby red paint, chrome-plated door handles, door sills, and rims, as well as a simple, black cabin.

Classics – Carlex Design 1977 Jaguar XJ Coupe is a darling 3

Inside, the seats and bench have the same seams as if leaving the factory floor brand new, while the rest of the cabin has been finished in elegant black leather with a touch of luxury from the Alcantara headliner. The dashboard and door handle frames also gained exotic wood, and the gear shift lever is made out of sculpted black oak. The gauges, the Jaguar logo, the meter frames, and each button have also been lovingly restored, plated with silver flakes, and patinated.


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