Classics – Citroen Type H van celebrates 70 years with bike workout image

The French automaker has been celebrating the Type H van’s 70th anniversary and one of the features includes a partnership with French sportswear brand Le Coq Sportif.

The two came up with a bespoke version of the classic hauler in a red, white, and blue livery – complete with a matching version of the modern Jumpy (Dispatch in the UK), both to be featured at the Commercial Vehicle Show in Birmingham, England. The partnership saw both vans customized as mobile bicycle workshops – the Type H features inside light shades of wood and tool hanging places on the walls. There’s also some luxury – the seats get chocolate-colored leather – while the Jumpy has a modern styling with black woodwork and white leather. After the vans leave Birmingham Le Coq Sportif will be showing them at cycling events and its stores in the near future.

Classics – Citroen Type H van celebrates 70 years with bike workout 3

Once you saw a Type H van it’s clear you won’t forget it easily – production kicked off in 1947 and didn’t end until 1981 so it became a regular sight in France and rural parts of Europe. Their front-wheel-drive layout also made them a preview of today’s crop of light vans. You might remember that Citroen also allowed a tribute to the Type H’s 70th anniversary via a limited run of 70 body kits finished by hand in Italy that turn the newest Jumper van into the classic commercial vehicle. We’re pretty sure that Citroen should buy the rights to the kit and mass produce it as a factory option for the modern van – we can think of numerous businesses that would thrive while using such a modern oldie.