Classics – Converted Rolls-Royce 1926 Silver Ghost is now a pickup image

Let’s just call it a day and see that Rolls-Royce unwillingly provided the basis for an utility vehicle long before it ever considered entering the game of SUVs with the Cullinan.

This 1926 Silver Ghost was once a proper luxury sedan, but then an owner in the 1940s turned it into a pickup… because of ranch use. We’re unsure if acquiring from auction this 1926 Rolls-Royce 40/50HP Silver Ghost is going to make you the star at a Rolls-Royce meeting or earn you a life-time ban, but you can always jump on board the next truck meeting and sport the rarest pickup on show. This odd truck conversion is going under the hammer on November 11 in Los Angeles and it’s not going to be quite expensive, with estimates between $50,000 and $70,000.

Classics – Converted Rolls-Royce 1926 Silver Ghost is now a pickup

The unique Rolls is part of Lindley Bothwell’s collection – a vintage car racer and collector, who allegedly set a speed record at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in a 1913 Peugeot, and also at one point was owner of the biggest private collection of antique cars in America. The Rolls was originally sold in 1926 to a lady, and Bothwell took it in the 1940s for use on his ranch, axing the sedan body work in place for a wooden pickup bed. The new owner might have to deal with the aftermath of the ranch lifestyle – “an absence of use in the last few years, has clearly seen it loose the shine from some of its cosmetics and there is evidence of some small creatures taking sanction in the cab compartment!”