Classics – Ferrari 250 GTE comes with Chevy V8 and bespoke Fire Engine platform image

We can’t speak about the horrified Prancing Horse fan base that will forever dismiss the idea of swapping an Italian V12 for an American muscle car V8, but that custom fire engine hauler got us mesmerized even more than the Ferrari 250 GTE.

Well, almost… This 1962 250 GTE is still superb any way you look at it – even with the engine bay open. We should all know that Ferrari’s first four-seater was the 250 and the story goes that this project started its life before the Internet era, when engine swaps can be performed from an online tutorial. The owner’s wife actually saw the add for the car in the newspaper classifieds and it was utterly cheap – so it was quickly purchased with all pieces lying around as a retirement project. It turns out the one who started the work was the owner’s dad – 80 at that time – and a couple of years later they were taking turns at driving the classic.

Classics – Ferrari 250 GTE comes with Chevy V8 and bespoke Fire Engine platform 1

And there’s more to this Italian supercar with American engine fairytale – as the owner wanted a transport vehicle that was big enough to move the vehicle all around the country in comfort. And the platform was actually initially an American LaFrance fire engine – the project included comfort and luxury – which is why they have a teal custom interior with seats from a 1973 BMW 3.0 CS. The Ferrari is also not a trailer queen – because once it gets where it’s needed it’s being driven, and the owner thinks that his kids and grand-kids will be driving it too…