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Collectors beware, the 1921 Alfa Romeo G1, the brand’s first ever automobile is ready to cross the auction block – and exclusivity doesn’t come closer to this, since we’re dealing with the only complete model still alive.

Being first or owning the first probably has to do with our DNA that’s sequenced in a way that makes us competitive in order to deliver progress and innovation. Of course, that applies to the automotive world, where people with a knack for old cars will always want to snatch the first example of a series. And the race for the first usually escalates into an all-out war when it comes to vintage Italian models. And the 1921 Alfa Romeo G1 being the company’s first production model is certainly a massive perk to own.

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Just 52 Alfa Romeo G1 cars were manufactured, and this example is believed to remain the last complete one in the world – wearing the automaker’s first six-cylinder engine – a huge 6.3-liter inline six that had just 70 horsepower – and enabled in the good old times a maximum velocity of over 80 miles per hour. RM Sotheby’s handles the sale, with chassis 6018 having lived most of its life in Australia. More so, the car is a fully running and driving example, ready for sale at the RM Sotheby’s auction in Phoenix, Arizona this coming January, with estimates north of $1.5 million.