Classics – Hagerty’s DriveShare service is like Airbnb image

Car sharing is relatively new, so there are always new ideas to be exploited in this segment – such as Hagerty’s new service that allows you to drive classic and exotic models whenever you feel like it.

Owning a classic or exotic car is certainly expensive – the thrills of cruising in a Rolls-Royce or driving with the top down in a Jaguar, especially the classic ones – come associated with six-or seven-figure sums. But Hagerty is now introducing a car sharing scheme that can be best described as an Airbnb alternative for classic and exotic cars alike, linking owners of the former with people aiming to just try them around for a few hours or days. The features is called “Driveshare,” and it’s being labeled as “a peer-to-peer enthusiast car rental community.”

The new company will start on the backbone of Classics&Exotics, a vehicle rental agency that appeared back in 2014 in Cape Cod, Massachusetts, and was subsequently acquired and relaunched under the Hagerty DriveShare moniker. “DriveShare gives people an easy way to get behind the wheel of cars they’ve always wanted to drive,” said McKeel Hagerty, CEO of Hagerty. “Our goal is to provide a common platform that connects enthusiasts and owners to expand the community of people who love cars.” As per available models – you can have anything from classic exotics to modern muscle cars. Cars are easily searched on the DriveShare site, but there are a few things to consider for the enthusiasts – there’s a security deposit besides the fare, and joining the network includes a thorough vetting and approval process.