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There’s something magic about the Gone in 60 seconds movies – even though the original was actually an homage to the well-known Bullit Steve McQueen action flick.

The modern remake wasn’t exactly spectacular – aside from a great pickup line between Angelina Jolie and Nick Cage – but at least featured an astonishing “Eleanor”. The model actually spawned a cult following – with aftermarket specialists that were able to transform your unsuspecting classic Mustang into the mean machine. But it turns out – if you have the money and crazy helpers – you don’t even need to use a Mustang – or even a muscle car – to have an “Eleanor”.

Classics – Have a Ford Bronco as an “Eleanor” homage 3

A client of Zero to 60 Designs president Kenny Pfitzer’ came with a very unusual request – transform his 1975 Ford Bronco into the classic famous Mustang… well, sort of. “He said his favorite car of all time was the 1969 Shelby Cobra GT 500,” Pfitzer noted in a release. “I’ve never seen a modern take on ‘Eleanor’ reincarnated as a Ford Bronco, so I immediately become interested in taking on this unique challenge.” The result is named “Eleanor’s Big Brother,” and has the Gone in 60 Seconds cues as well as a very long almanac of mechanical upgrades to ensure the restored Bronco can handle any off-road challenge.

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Zero to 60 Designs enlisted Yukon Gear & Axle to work on Bronco’s driveline, using new locking hubs, driveshafts, a custom 9-inch rear end, and a 30-foot kinetic recovery rope. Skyjacker Suspensions came with the lift kit, Line-X Body Armor provided a scratch-resistant durable spray that is color-matched to the original 1969 GT 500. Wildhorses 4×4 meanwhile provided new tubular doors, a new hood, and various other aluminum trim pieces.

The end result is unmistakably a Bronco, but comes with homage elements – two black stripes, the classic “Eleanor” Mustang color-match and big round LED headlights. Other perks included an injection conversion, new sound system, digital instruments, 37-inch Mickey Thompson off-road tires on new wheels, RaceQuip five-point harnesses for every passenger, and even a 25-quart cooler.