Classics – Own a Grand-Prix winning Ferrari Formula One car image

You might not have the guts to drive this on the track but it’s nevertheless a magnificent collector’s item – the 312 T3 was first seen in the races back in 1978, and can now be had through a London dealership.

Ferrari’s Formula One history is absolutely legendary – full of ups and downs. One particularly positive period was during the late 1970s, after the introduction in 1975 of the 312T. During the five year period id had no less than six different versions and came back to the pit with 61 podiums, 4 Constructor’s Championships, 3 Driver’s Championships, and more than 27 wins. Thanks to Fiskens from London, this example of the 312T is the third version of six manufactured back in 1978 as chassis number 032. The 312 T3 was first seen at the 1978 South African Grand Prix and was driven by Gilles Villeneuve and Carlos Reutemann during the season.

Classics – Own a Grand-Prix winning Ferrari Formula One car 2

Just like the original 312T it featured a flat-12 engine producing around 515 horsepower (384 kilowatts). The chassis was completely new compared to the T2 and had a new monocoque structure and suspension arrangement to better get the hang of the Michelin tires. Reutemann took the win during the 1978 US Grand Prix at the wheel of this particular 312 and Ferrari came second in 1978 in the Constructor’s Championship as Lotus took the victory. The 312 T3 was replaced in 1979 by the more aerodynamic T4.

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