Car customizer legend George Barris has been known since way back in the ’60s and up until his death in 2015 as “The King of the Kustomizers” – alongside crazy others, such as Dean Jeffries, Ed Roth, and Gene Winfield delivering some of the best-known projects.

What we have here is not one of Barris’ usual projects – done for somebody else or for a film project like the Batman TV series – this 1978 Ferrari 308 GTS is actually one of the very few customized cars pertaining to Barris’ private collection. It was acquired new back in 1978 and quickly found its way into the master’s workshop. Now somebody in St. Louis wants $200,000. We’ll let you be the judge of the price but we can tell you this is no regular 308. Instead it packs a widebody kit, dramatically flared front and rear fenders, and extra-wide BBS wheels and tires to fit. Barris even discarded the pop-up headlights for hidden headlamps behind the bumper grille. There’s also a custom grille and a new chin spoiler for the front end.

Classics – Own George Barris’ very own bespoke Ferrari 308 17

The bodywork has been adorned with a two-tone metallic gold and metallic copper paint job with green, white, and red stripes along the beltline, you know – Italian heritage. There were even real gold leaves for the pinstriping throughout the body, and the gold-finished BBS alloy wheels. The cabin was e-upholstered in brown and beige leather, with red, white, and green accenting stripes – while the instrument cluster is a fully digital custom job, and there were also period-correct upgrades: Sony television, a Kenwood audio system, and even a backup camera.


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