Ferdinand Porsche’s… Porsche history dates back to the years before the second world war, but that troubled period should be forgotten and everything should kick off when Ferry took the reign and started building two models – the 356 and the 911.

The Porsche Konstruktionen GesmbH was into its own since 1948 when the first 356 came to life, but most of the brand’s recognition starts from 1963 onwards, when the 911 series started production. Former CEO Ferry Porsche also wanted a piece of the action, so in 1969 he commissioned a 911 S for himself – one of the very few cars he owned throughout his lifetime. Porsche is keen on showing us this prized piece of collection, with everything on the car completely original, except for the numbers plates. The car was registered on July 30, 1969, with chassis number 9110300014.

This makes it just the 14th car with the new 911-S 2.2-liter flat-six engine, good at the time for 180 horsepower (134 kilowatts). Actually, Porsche’s chassis number 01 to 03 were only for racing, and the 13th number was actually skipped out of superstition, so this is one of the very first ten units fabricated for the then-new S model that was up for road duty. There are also some unique features to it – it lacks the overriders on its front bumper – Ferry wanted it that way.

Classics – Porsche makes our reacquaintance with the Ferry Porsche 911 0


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