This amazing looking 1959 Volkswagen Campervan probably has more windows than your house and it’s been painstakingly restored using only original parts during a period of three years.

In case you live in a region where you need a right-hand-drive version you’re in double luck, because this is one of the few examples made in this specification – and now you have one already restored. This is also not your regular T1, because we’re looking at the flagship Samba version, aka the Sunroof Deluxe if you know the model from the United States. This, being an early example, had a very impressive 23-window roster, while updated models later on only had 21. A RHD with the couple of extra windows acts as the “Holy Grail” version for T1 fans… and Classic Car Auctions (CCA) adds the Microbus “appears just as it did when it rolled out of the German factory in 1959 following a painstakingly detailed restoration.”

Classics – Relive the flower power with 1959 VW Samba Campervan 7

The Samba had everything removed and the vehicle was butt naked down to the bare metal. The owner also spared no expenses because he wanted the T1 to be as original as possible. It thus has the original two-tone Beige White and Sealing Wax Red body paint, as well as a Devon cabin — only available that year – he actually had purchased before the T1. Birmingham-based Bear VW Services took care of the 1600 twin port engine, alongside the manual gearbox rebuild. With a mere 2,100 miles (3,380 kilometers) covered since it has been restored, the T1 will become available on June 10 at the Warwickshire Exhibition Centre.


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