Classics – RR Silver Shadow that is unrecognizable up for grabs image

The famous Silver Shadow is a car that you would want to be seen even though production for this famous British piece of luxury came to an end just when the crazy 1980s decade started.

But we’re not so sure you want to be seen in this particular example – unless you’re a gangsta’ from some shady part of the world. The project started well – get a second-hand Rolls-Royce and they did well to select the most popular of them all, the Silver Shadow. But it all went south from there. This was the first Rolls-Royce getting an unibody and also the first to get the majestic single bow design. But oh, how things went wrong with a wondrous classic. This is customized Silver Shadow that looks the part if it were to shoot for a porn video.

Classics – RR Silver Shadow that is unrecognizable up for grabs 4

There’s blacked-out matte wrap all around, a totally de-chromed body and wider arches – as well as steel rims. No luxury feeling like on the original, no lordship treatment here – though strangely it would look good if the cast of the Fast and Furious series comes to London once more. Anyways, there are some nice elements – the air suspension, oh, well, that’s about it actually. In case you were wondering why this abomination exists, we can tell you it starred in the National Geographic’s Supercar Megabuild series – and now it’s up for grabs for £99,995 at British dealer Prindiville plc.