Classics – Seat 600 Convertible gets new life after quarter of century image

This once top selling supermini has been brought to life after sitting idle for 25 years, thanks to the passion of the Seat engineers – just in time for its anniversary.

Back in 1957 Seat was premiering the 600 supermini at Automobile Barcelona in Spain – if the name sounds familiar it’s because it was built under license on the basis of the Fiat 600. Now after six decades, one of the examples of this iconic model for the Spanish auto industry has been lovingly restored and presented at the Barcelona auto show once more. According to Seat, the 600 “put Spain on wheels,” and for the restoration process a team of at least 30 persons from the company brought the classic back to life, now modern and ready for Spanish roads. This particular example had been left unused and sitting idle for the past quarter of a century.

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No less than 1,500 man hours were used just to break down and restore every single component manually, with the team also looking for more than 1,000 missing components. Three gallons (15 liters) of bluish grey paint were needed for the body, with the hue “absolutely on trend and reminiscent of the first 600s that came out.” 164 feet (50 meters) of houndstooth fabric was also needed for the cabin, with the manually operated roof, original steering wheel and horn, and dash, completely restored.