Classics – The Bullit Mustang has been found in the Californian desert image

While it was believed to have been lost or scrapped years ago, it turns out the second of two Bullitt Mustangs from the iconic Steve McQueen film was just waiting for a lucky discovery.

Like with any good story, it all starts with the original Bullitt Ford Mustang from the McQueen movie – which was devised in two examples for use on the set – and then gone missing, presumed dead by fans, for almost three decades. Enter the Mustang enthusiast and the factor of chance and you have the makings of a documentary – as he discovered that a particular battered example was one of the two cars used in the famous Steve McQueen 1968 film. As history goes, Ford delivered wo identical cars – a Highland Green 1968 Mustang GT to be exact – with sequential vehicle identification numbers. One of them is in private ownership and hasn’t come out of hiding for the past 25 years.

The other went missing to torment the minds of movie and Mustang fans alike after filming was completed. Apart from the cars’ provenance, the cars are no regular Mustangs also due to the modifications made by the production company to cope with filming duties. The lost Mustang was uncovered by Hugo Sanchez, who found it in the Baja California Sur, in extremely poor condition. The repair shop that was charged to deliver an ‘Eleanor’ replica from the more recent ‘Gone in 60 Seconds’ film – essentially an homage to the original Bullitt Mustang – but they learned of the vehicle’s true identity and naturally changed their minds.

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Classics – The Bullit Mustang has been found in the Californian desert 0