Classics – This 1972 Toyota FJ40 looks brand new image

The FJ company from Miami, Florida are true craftsmen when it comes to aftermarket work, but they are part of a niche tuner’s community – they are restomodders, meaning the restore and bring to modern specs iconic classics.

Their latest restomod project has to do… you guessed by the company’s name, with a Toyota FJ. Their latest FJ40 project has been inspired by the iconic “Tonka Truck” look, but alongside with the celebration of the classic lines comes a big dose of inspiration from the world of custom hot rods. Just like any other 4×4 entering their atelier, this one too was completely torn apart and rebuilt from scratch. The modern amenities include air conditioning, heated Corbeau Sport Seats, black vinyl trim, and a marine-grade audio system to make sure you can listen to your music even if you fell into the pond.

Classics – This 1972 Toyota FJ40 looks brand new 4

Motivation is provided by an equally rebuilt Toyota 3F-E inline-six cylinder engine linked to a five-speed manual gearbox, and there’s also an Old Man Emu suspension system, power steering, and updated brakes. Ruggedness is ensured via the Raptor bedliner and the entire vehicle has been finished off in a bespoke shade of Metallic Orange, mixed with a black vinyl top and matching black wheels.