Classics – Toyota 2000GT has bullet hole after restoration [video] image

This beautifully restored Japanese coupe has been found to have survived a shootout – and it’s now an interestingly rare sight on the streets of the United Kingdom.

The Toyota 2000GT is celebrating no less than half a century since arriving on the market, and as part o the celebrations the Japanese company decided to interview one of the owners of the rare sports cars. Jane Weitzmann has been the owner of one for almost a decade and after a British restoration is was found to have been involved in some dramatic events during its lifetime. Apparently at some point during its life the car was involved in a shootout as the restorers discovered a bullet hole in the door. Based on the shot’s location, the current owner thinks the shot injured the driver and might have caused him to crash the car.

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And this links to the front-end damage of the 2000GT that had to be repaired by the collector. Of course not her coupe is pristine, and Toyota even thinks this is the only road-worthy unit in England. “The car is beautiful, the epitome of a proper little sports car with beautiful proportions, perfect engineering, perfect set-up and a lovely car to drive,” Weitzmann said. “It’s the joy of being able to throw her round a corner, knowing she’ll go exactly where you tell her to.” The 2000GT when new had a Yamaha-tuned 2.0-liter inline six delivering approximately 150 horsepower (112 kilowatts).