Classics – Ultra-rare McLaren F1 HDF is on video image

The exotic British supercar maker only manufactured two units of these very special F1 models which have the LM-spec 680-hp engine and a highly aerodynamic body kit, so in another manner of speaking racing credentials for the street.

McLaren has been keen on digging up its incredible F1 history, and they now came up with an interview with a person who owns one of the most exclusive versions of the car. The British brand built just two Extra High Downforce Package (HDF) examples, which also got the 680-horsepower (507-kilowatt) V12 from the LM-spec model. Andrew Bagnall has owned his exceptional example for a decade now and seems ready to keep it forever. By the way, the Extra High Downforce Package on the F1 means the body comes with a fixed rear wing, larger front splitter, and added louvers to the front clamshell – but there are also bigger wheels and a reworked suspension. “They make a difference to the way the car handles,” Bagnall comments. “You really notice the extra downforce when you’re driving at speed on a circuit.”

Classics – Ultra-rare McLaren F1 HDF is on video 1

The reworked engine comes with parts from the F1 GTR race car, such as the cams and pistons – and gains more power as well as an extra 1,000 revs before hitting the redline. Bigger radiators ensure cooling duties, while the modified exhaust adds the necessary soundtrack. “The modifications have turned it from a comfortable, easy road-going car to a very taut quasi-racing machine for the road,” Bagnall adds.