Claudio Domenicali Is the New Ducati CEO image

Ducati named General Manager Claudio Domenicali as its CEO.

Claudio Domenicali joined the Italian sports-motorcycle brand in 1991 as a project leader. He will replace Gabriele Del Torchio, who will be CEO of Alitalia, with immediate effect. Del Torchio joined Ducati in 2007 and became CEO after the company was purchased by Audi. He was also member of Audi’s Lamborghini board. Audi purchased Ducati in July for 860 million euro, part of its plan to boost the sporty appeal of the automaker.

Audi plans to surpass BMW and become the leader in the luxury-auto sales by the end of this decade. In 2012, Ducati, which manufactures the Superbike and Monster models, had 1,054 employees and sold 44,102 motorcycles. In 2011 the company has around 1,100 employees, sold 42,000 motorcycle and generated revenue of almost 480 million euro.

Although Ducati has a 40,000 unit output, being smaller even by motorcycle standards, its very strong image and disproportionately high profile can be of utmost importance for Audi’s plan to surpass BMW. Experts predict that the motorcycle market will enjoy strong growth over the next few years, especially in Asia.
Source: Bloomberg