Cold weather tires don’t work on snow and ice image

With winter coming in pretty fast in Europe, drivers should know that fitting the car with brand new cold weather tires won’t get them out of an unpleasant situation if the surface of the road is covered with snow or ice, and the cold weather tires are made for helping the vehicle catch grip in temperatures below 8 degrees Celsius.

According to the British at GEM, drivers should know that a cold weather tire, or winter tire, isn’t actually designed for going on snow and ice, and even if the road is covered with a minimum layer of snow, the tires won’t help them too much, even if they “wear” the M+S inscription (mud + snow).

GEM says that in order to get maximum grip on snow and ice, vehicles should be equipped with special snow tires which differentiate from the rest by some metal insertions in the tread band, which look pretty much like ordinary nails.

But there’s a catch here also because using special snow tires on clear roads won’t offer as much grip as standard cold weather tires so drivers should always buy new tires depending on where they live and what type of roads they are cruising on every day, during the winter. advices you to always use the correct type of tires during winter and remember not to press too hard on the gas and brake pedals. Drive safe!