Colliding Truck Might Have Cause the Collapse of Washington State Bridge image

Thursday, May 23rd, a colliding truck might have caused the collapse of a four-lane freeway bridge in Washington state, making all vehicles collapse into a frigid river.

According to a U.S. National Transportation Safety Board officials are still investigating what led to the collapse of the Interstate 5 bridge into the Skagit River, almost 55 miles north of Seattle. Three people fell into the river, two of them being hospitalized with hypothermia. Fortunately there were no deaths. This freeway connects Seattle and Vancouver, Canada, with Washington state. Governor Jay Inslee said that major traffic delays were expected in the region.

State Patrol Chief John R. Batiste said that the collapse of the bridge was caused by a semi-truck driven southbound, which hit the bridge just before part of it began to collapse, although the bridge gas metal overhead beams.

“The size of the load he was carrying appeared to create a problem, causing him to strike the bridge,” Batiste said.

State Secretary of Transportation Lynn Peterson said that the bridge was built in 1995 and in 2011 it was listed as “structurally deficient”. Government officials are still debating whether to pay for a new Interstate 5 bridge connecting Columbia River connecting Vancouver, Washington, and Portland, Oregon.

Source: Reuters