Cologne Citroen plant threatens closure image

Citroen has been in Cologne since 1927, the car maker started off by buying a local wagon factory in the pursuit of starting production of Citroen vehicles. The famous Citroen Traction Avant was built there, the predecessor of the even more famous Citroen DS, thus the plant has a very a long history with Citroen.

Approximately 300 employees at the Cologne factory in Germany are at risk of losing their jobs. This comes likely due to cost cutting moves made by parent company PSA, reported by Bonn “General Anzeiger” on the Tuesday edition from the 3rd of January. According to the council Chairman the employees were informed right before Christmas about the possibility of the plant closing.

Although the announcement did cause quite a big stir up in Cologne. A decision about the plants future is not due any sooner than March 2012.