Commercial vehicle registrations go up in October image

The European Automobile Manufacturers Association just released the consolidated figures for commercial vehicles across Europe and for October sales are up 8.1%, though the ten month figure is still negative, at -2.7%.

In October, demand for new commercial vehicles was up 8.1%, with growth prevailing across all segments. The EU recorded a total of 158,960 new registrations in the month, which counted on average the same number of working days as in October 2012.

Italy was the only major market to shrink (-12.8%), while Germany (+2.4%), France (+4.3%), Spain (+25.7%) and the UK (27.2%) all expanded. Over ten months, France (-5.8%) and Germany (-5.9%) performed similarly, while demand fell more sharply in Italy (-15.7%) and increased in Spain (+4.3%) and the UK (+9.6%). Overall, the EU recorded a 2.7% downturn with 1,389,244 new registrations.

In October, the segment of vans posted a 6.8% growth, with most major markets expanding, from +1.7% in Germany to +3.6% in France, +26.3% in the UK and +31.8% in Spain. Italy was the only one to face a downturn (-14.3%). A total of 126,632 new vans were registered in the month.

New heavy truck registrations amounted to 23,519 units in October, or 16.5% more than in the same month a year ago. Germany (+3.1%), Spain (+5.9%), France (+10.5%) and the UK (+36.2%) contributed positively to the growth. Italy was the only major market to contract (-4.7%).

In October, the EU recorded 29,695 new trucks, or 12.9% more than in the same month last year. Most markets sustained demand. Only Italy saw its new registrations fall (-7.8%), while results were positive in Germany (+1.7%), Spain (+5.2%), France (+7.9%) and the UK (+31.9%).

New bus and coach registrations reached 2,633 units in the EU in October, or 23.3% more than in the same month last year. The largest markets all posted double-digit growth, from +20.9% in the UK to +21.1% in France, +32.8% in Spain, +44.6% in Italy and +60.2% in Germany.