Commercial Vehicle Registrations in Europe Down 5.5% From January to August image

According to ACEA, commercial vehicle registrations during the first eight months of the year dropped 5.5% in Europe.

Commercial vehicle sales in August dropped 4.4% in Europe, with Spain up 10.3%, the UK up 15.3%, but France falling 5.4%, Germany 8.5% and Italy 19.5%. From January to August sales fell 5.5% with the UK being the only market which increased 6.7%, while Spain, France, Germany and Italy fell 0.5%, 7.6%, 8.2% and 18.5% respectively.

Sales of new light commercial vehicles in August fell 5.1% in Europe, with the UK up 11.1% and Spain up 13.0%, while France fell 5.8%, Germany 10.0% and Italy 20.9%. During the first eight months of the year sales vans sales fell 4.8% to 873,590 units in Europe, with the UK increasing 9.4% and Spain 1.7%, while France dropped 7.4%, Germany 7.6% and Italy 19.0%.

Heavy trucks sales increased 0.5% in August, with the UK rising 32.0%, while the other markets fell with France down 3.8%, Germany 5.4%, Italy 7.8% and Spain 8.4%. From January to August heavy truck sales dropped 8.1% to 132,896 units in Europe, with the UK up 0.5% while double-digit drops have been reported in other markets with France falling 10.1%, Germany 10.4%, Italy 13.2% and Spain 14.6%.

New truck sales in August dropped 2.0% in Europe, with the UK up 27.1%, but France down 8.2%, Germany 5.4%, Spain 6.8% and Italy 15.3%. Sales during the first eight months fell 8.6% to 176,188 units, with the UK down 3.3%, Germany down 10.0%, France 11.1%, Spain 14.4% and Italy 16.4%.