Demand for new commercial vehicles in the EU dropped 7.4% in May to 135, 587 new vehicles, and 7.5% over the first five months, to 681,337 units.

In May, Spain remained stable with sales up 0.4%, the UK dropped 4%, Germany fell 9.6%, France dropped 11.2% and Italy decreased 16.2%. During the first five months, commercial vehicles registrations in the UK increased 8%, but dropped 9.4% in France, 10.2% in Spain, 10.9% in Germany and 21.3% in Italy.

New van registrations in the EU decreased 7.2% in May, to 110,100 units, with the UK down 3.8%, Germany down 8.2%, France down 11.1% and Italy down 18.6%. Over the first five months the UK increased 13%, Italy dropped 22.5%, Spain fell 9%, France 9,2% and Germany 9.6%. Registrations in the EU during this period dropped 6.4% to 559,906 units.

Heavy truck registration in the UK dropped 6.9% in May to 17,392 units, with Italy up 3.4%, the UK down 0.8%, Spain down 7.4%, Germany down 11.6% and France down 12.1%. During the first five months Italy dropped 10.5%, the UK fell 11.5%, France decreased 13.3%, Germany fell 13.8% and Spain dropped 17.6%. During the first five months heavy truck registrations fell 12.5% to 82,487 units.

Truck registrations dropped 8% in May in the EU to 23,048 units, with Italy up 2.6%, the UK down 2.8%, Spain down 8.5%, France down 12.5% and Germany down 13.3%. Over the first five months there were 109,233 new trucks registered in the EU, down 12.7%, with France down 12.8%, the UK down 13%, Italy down 13.9%, Spain down 17.5% and Germany down 14.4%.



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