There are a number of different ways to wash a car. The best method is usually a matter of preference and sometimes based on the type of vehicle as well as how dirty it is.

Depending on the person, washing a car can be an annoying chore or can be an enjoyable task. For people who enjoy getting their car clean, washing it by hand is usually the best method. This way, care can be taken to get every area of the car cleaned properly. Although it will sometimes take a longer time than using a pressure washer, once completed there is often a good sense of accomplishment.

For getting extremely cars clean, pressure washers will do an excellent job. These usually come with a variety of nozzles and usually have settings that can be adjusted to change the pressure of the water based on the amount of grime that needs to be removed. Using these is also of great benefit when it comes to cleaning vans or trucks that are considerably higher. Getting roofs clean is a difficult job when it done by hand and using a pressure washer can usually get these areas cleaned well.

For a quick cleaning job or in between thorough washings, using a washer will keep the vehicle looking great. It’s not easy to do a quick hand wash of the car.

Expense can be a concern. When washing a car by hand, there are very few materials that are needed. A decent rag or sponge and a stiff brush are all of the tools required. These are usually quite inexpensive and will last a long time if they are cared for properly. The only upkeep required is to ensure that everything is dried out and clean before storing them. Pressure washers are relatively inexpensive, but can still cost over one hundred dollars especially for a branded model like a Karcher pressure washer. They will last for several years if maintained well and can be used in other areas such as cleaning patio furniture, house windows, boats and more.

Cleaning a vehicle can be done in a number of different ways. It all comes down to personal preference.


  1. Base on my experience I can say that using a pressure washer for car washing is a lot easier and faster. This is why I bought one since it takes me time to finish washing my car with a sponge and bucket.


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