Volkswagen will be placing the impressive Golf R400 into production as the model in question is scheduled to hit the market sometimes next year.

There have been several reports telling us that the Volkswagen Golf R400 Concept will be getting a production version and now this has been confirmed by Heinz-Jakob Neusser, the Volkswagen Group powertrain chief, who has recently spoken to the guys from Car Magazine. According to our source, the production version of the impressive hot hatch will be out in 2016.

Volkswagen apparently wants to increase the output of the engine to as much as 420 HP (309 kW), but there is no word on the torque figure just yet. It will be probably connected to the DSG transmission which will send power to the 4MOTION all-wheel drive system. The Golf R420 nameplate hasn’t been confirmed at this time but the model will be coming with a new aerodynamic and aggressive body kit, with larger brakes and some other tweaks to cope with the impressive output.

Rumor has it that the production version of the Volkswagen Golf R400 will be introduced at the 2015 Frankfurt Motor Show, in September, but this hasn’t been confirmed either. It is believed to start from less than 50,000 euros, on its local market, and it won’t be just a limited-run model. The concept car came with a 2.0 liter four-cylinder turbocharged engine, rated at 400 HP (294 kW) and 450 Nm (332 lb-ft) of torque, meaning 100 HP and 70 Nm of torque more than the current range-topping model.


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