Congratulations are in order: one very lucky owner has clocked 300,000 miles with Lambo 400 GT image

Supercars are objects of our desire and we’re all secretly dreaming at tearing up the tarmac in one – but they’re also renowned for not being the most reliable vehicles out there.

Well this time around we beg to differ, as one particularly rare 1966 (you know, the year when Start Trek the original series started airing) Lamborghini 400 GT 2+2 was born, wearing proudly a V12 engine that delivered a substantial (for the time) power of 320 hp. This elegant grand tourer has now clocked no less than 300,000 miles on the odometer! And according to the owner of the car – one Jack Ridell – the only issue of importance is the fact that sometimes some gear synchronizer problems appear and he needs to double shift. You might go to say Lambo built a great and reliable car, but in earnest the owner also took mad care of it since he acquired it back in 1972, for $6,250. That would equate to just $35,000 in today’s money – which could be a great deal if he ever decides to auction it – since the model, taken together with the early models, which used the 350 GT as a base, was only produced in 247 units.

And when he purchased the car back in 1972, just 23,000 miles had been clocked – he only did one modification, installing a Jaguar distributor (there’s a timing issue with the original one), in order to be able to spend more time driving it. By the way, he also entered the Concorso Italiano at Monterey every single year since the event has been initiated.

Via Petrolicious