“Connected” cars are already here image

We’re well over 7.2 billion people on Earth today and the auto industry represents one of the most important aspects in our every day life – judging by the fact there are also well over one billion vehicles on our roads.

And because we live that every day life at an increasingly technological level (can you imagine a few hours – not a whole day – without electricity and Internet?!), the cars we drive have also grown to mimic that aspect – becoming slightly more intelligent. We’re not yet at the cutting edge of sci fi novels and movies, but we’re fast approaching the era when vehicles will be able to drive themselves and communicate with each other and the surroundings. Automakers and even technology giants such as Google, or unknown startups are pushing the steady progress on highly sophisticated projects – with numerous experts and auto executives predicting that in 2025 we could leave the task of handling the car to the on-board computers and sensors.

Essentially, “connected” cars already exist on the roads – if we describe them as vehicles equipped with Internet access. The make life a little easier through a multitude of added benefits and perks: enhanced engine controls, automatic emergency notifications, increased infotainment options or even apps that allow us to treat the car just like our smartphone. In 2013, there were roughly 23 million connected vehicles worldwide and IHS Automotive forecasts that 20 percent of all cars sold this year will have some form of connectivity. Additionally, the number is expected to skyrocket by more than sixfold to 152 million by 2020.

Via Forbes