Construction goes quiet at US GP track site image

A representative has denied the wind is falling from the sails of the 2012 US Grand Prix.

Now, the local Austin American Statesman newspaper reports that construction efforts at the site of the formula one circuit have “slowed noticeably”.

And investor Bobby Epstein warned: “If things get delayed any more, job layoffs are a certainty and construction spending will stop.”

But project spokesman Jeff Hahn moved to play down those kinds of fears, explaining that the Circuit of the Americas is quieter at present simply because the excavation phase of the construction has wound down.

The Austin race needs the city’s backing to be eligible to receive $25 million from the Texas Major Events Trust Fund. The money would be used to pay the fee that Formula One boss Bernie Ecclestone plans to charge the race’s promoters to host the U.S. Grand Prix.

Austin mayor Lee Leffingwell said the city council’s delay could “kill the project.”

Kirk Becker, one of the critics of this whole plan also stated that the plan has been put forward very hastily which is the main concern of the taxpayers and the investors.

“You have yet to make a case to us that this is a good deal,” Becker said. “Y’all are still drafting this contract as we speak. We deserve a chance to digest that and have time to communicate our thoughts and feelings about what that final draft looks like before you vote on it.”

However, if everything will go ok, next year’s race will be the first in the US since 2007 and will take place on the new Circuit of the Americas track in June.