The influential magazine has released its annual, traditional ranking of the best car brands – with Audi claiming the top spot for the second year and followed by two other premium contenders – Porsche and BMW.

The latter have both improved their positioning compared to last year’s list, with Audi topping the chart with 81 points out of a total possible of 100, followed by Porsche with 78 and BMW with 77. An explanation might be in order about how these points come flying around – the results combine for the overall score by using these factors: owner satisfaction, road tests, predicted reliability, and safety. For example, Porsche trumps Audi with a higher road test score (88 vs 86), while BMW is equal to Audi as far as these tests go.

Interestingly enough, the top five brands are the same, only the positions changed for some of them – Lexus has lost one position and Subaru no less than three. Since we’re dealing with a US magazine, we can be interested in US brands as well – the highest ranked is Tesla (number 8) with an overall score of 73 points and a road test score of 88 points. The bottom of the pack is led by Fiat with a 41-point overall score and 52-point road test score.

Via Consumer Reports


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