Consumer Reports finds the Fisker Karma has a “variety of flaws” image

Consumer Reports magazine used some strong words to describe Fisker Karma’s faults in its latest review.

According to the influential consumer magazine, the plug-in hybrid has a variety of flaws, from limited visibility to a touch-screen system described as an „ergonomic disaster.”

CR’s review is hardly good news for Fisker Automotive, which has been denied access to more than half of a $529 million government loan upon which its business plan was based. Consumer Reports tested a Fisker Karma for which it paid $107,850, the biggest sum splashed by the magazine for a test review yet.

What Consumer Reports found is that the Karma does not fare well against most luxury vehicles because of its cramped interior and too complex controls system.

“Although we found its ride, handling and braking performance sound and it has first-class interior materials, the Karma’s problems outweighed the good,” said Jake Fisher, director of Consumer Reports’ auto test center in a press release.
“When it’s running, the gasoline engine has an unrefined roar. And the Karma’s heavy weight affects agility and performance, as the Karma lacks the oomph you expect,” he added.

„Compared with other luxury sedans, the Karma has tight confines and limited visibility, and a badly-designed touch-screen system makes the dash controls an ergonomic disaster,” CR’s release added.