The 2013 Consumer Reports quality ranking was topped by Lexus with eight models.

Lexus received the most points, while parent company Toyota got the fourth place. The second place was taken by Subaru, while on the third spot we find Mazda. This year Consumer Reports changed its ranking system, focusing on brands rather than individual automakers.

“We feel this is more in line with how people shop,” said Rik Paul, the magazine’s automotive editor.

The last six places were taken by Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ford, Lincoln and Buick. Chrysler resigned itself with the place it received and said it will work to improve its vehicles, while Ford will work on improving its transmissions and infotainment.

“Although we are moving in the right direction, we’ll be the first to acknowledge that we need to improve faster,” Doug Betts, senior vice president for quality, said in an e-mail.

Consumer Reports recommends 100% of Lexus’ line-up, praising the automaker for its reliable, quiet and plush models. The Honda Accord won the first spot in the midsized sedan category, the Audi A6 was the best choice in the luxury segment and BMW’s 328i won the first place in the sports sedans category.

“Audi has come a long way,” said Jake Fisher, director of auto testing. “Five years ago, I never thought I would be talking about Audi and reliability in the same sentence or even the same paragraph.”


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